Terms and Condition

The website Nabureader.com
Nabureader is an innovative technology for the use of books and wrebooks (our ebook).
The use of this site is for demonstration purposes of its functionality.

The activation of your user is used to give you the experience of using the site and, above all, of using our “wrebook” reader (this is how we call our ebooks Nabureader).

My Purchase

The books available here are some of those that will be available on the Nabureader technology.
On the site you can “simulate the purchase” and you will not have to pay any money. The books on this site are free and for informational purposes.
However, you will be able to read, annotate and share the electronic book thanks to the use of Nabureader.

My Note
By registering you will be able to read the available electronic books and you will be able, by sending your note to the author, to request that it be published for the benefit of all the readers of our “wrebooks”.
Your notes can thus be to everyone’s advantage.
Data Processing
By accessing the Nabureader platform, you accept and agree that your data, your actions on the site, on our “wreder” are analyzed and studied in order to improve the services and features of Nabureader.
Service Duration
The duration of the services depends on the activities and transformations of the services of Naburedaer.

Today our “wrebooks” are free by our will of the author or publisher.

Into The Net srl created Nabureader for a research project does not guarantee the usability of the services provided and published.

Our intention is to offer Nabureader to all authors, publishers, and reading enthusiasts on a permanent basis.

This is a demo site of its features.