Nabureader enables the integration between paper and digital books. Our books are named wrebooks, that is, writable books.

You can take notes thanks to our e-reader and recall them through the paper version.
Every note you take has a unique address so users can share it with others. Authors can add their notes, too, making the books even richer after they are published.

Our first "wrebook", we are italian!

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Register on Nabureder and purchase your favorite book (our wrebooks are now free).

The books are in a "wrebook" format

With the integration of Nabureader’s technology, books in paper format are distributed only on demand and given for demonstration purposes to Publishers, Universities, and Investors. You can request by writing to us.

Read your wrebook

After purchasing a book, click on “Use Nabureader,” and you will access our e-reader. You will find your library ready to be explored.


Take your private notes. You can use HTML tags as well to enrich their content. Just select the text and start writing your next great note! It will assigned a unique address.

Write to the author, share your notes!

If a note from yours would be helpful to all readers of the book, ask the author to make it public! The author herself can write notes, which will make the book even richer after it has been published.

Do you believe in a world where books talk?

Drop us a line if you want to join our journey as an investor, author, publisher or stakeholder!